Rewards — A Question of Faith

Luke 18:1-8 The Question of Faith

In the 17th chapter of the book authored by Luke, he recorded Jesus’ foretelling of the second coming of Christ. The parable found in the opening verses of chapter 18 deal more specifically with Jesus looking for an opportunity to reward his servants. Many view the coming of Christ as a terrible day in which the judgment of God will fall. Even so, if you examine this story and the Parable of the Talents found in Matthew 25, I think you will see that the Lord’s return is as much about fellowship with his bride as anything else. As believers in Christ, one of our concerns surely must be, what is he expecting from us. This work is not about judging the lost world around us, it is all about seeking to please the one who died for the remission of our sins. This parable offers a clear expectation of Jesus toward his church and each member of it.

Jesus, who is sometimes called a master teacher, uses the art of contrast to make a very clear point. The heart of the contrast is between the actions of an unrighteous judge and the righteous judge Jesus. The unrighteous judge grants a favor to a widow who was continually seeking his help. His motive for granting her request was nothing but selfishness on his part. He simply wanted to get her out of his hair. This judge did not grant the widows request because he loved her or had any compassion toward her. It was simply to get her away from his court

When Jesus, the righteous judge, hears the requests of his elect for favor, what is his reaction? The implied answer to Jesus’ question is that he will respond with both the fear of God and his love for his church. The contrast makes it very obvious that God hears his children and responds to their prayers. In response to the contrast, Jesus then asks the startling question that puts everything into perspective, “…when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” How will he know faith and what will lead to a discovery of faith? Faith will be recognized by the faithfulness of his people. Yes, Jesus will hear and respond to the prayers of those who exercise faith. In fact, Jesus connected the faith of the one praying to the one who receives a positive answer.

What evidence can you give that if Jesus were to come today, He would say to you, “In you I see faith?” Do you find it rather striking that Jesus introduced this question regarding faith to an example of prayer? There is a connection between the pray and the exercise of faith.


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