God is Faithful — Creation

The subject of God’s faithfulness describes the demonstrative ways that God has proven himself to be true to his character. He has no identity crisis. He does not lay awake at night trying to discover his purpose. He does not agonize over job changes, health issues, or when to retire. God is complete, knows who He is and acts in complete congruence with His character. As the song writer has declared, “there is no shadow of turning with Him.” Even so, the faithfulness of God is the foundation on which the faithfulness of man can rest. In fact, without God’s example and revelation, man would not even know what faithfulness is. Man can be faithful because God is faithful and in his divine wisdom, He empowers men to be faithful. Perhaps the ability flows out of the concept of man created in the image of God. If we are to learn faithfulness, we must gaze upon the one who is faithful above all else. If we are to live faithful, we must surrender to His will and welcome his refining work in our lives so that we can bear fruit of the Spirit leading to a life of faithfulness. It is to the faithful that Jesus will utter the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Day 1 God is faithful in Creation –Genesis 1

Many years ago, my family visited the famous “Old Faithful” geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful has been entertaining tourists on a regular schedule for decades. She earned the name faithful because she has been sending thousands of gallons of hot water high into the air on an interval of between 35 and 120 minutes since 1939. Even though this geyser, hidden deep in the mountains of North America has gained a reputation for being faithful, she is not the most faithful of events in God’s creation. The seasons of the year have been faithful since the flood. Sunrises and sunsets have been so faithful that scientist can predict with amazing accuracy the time of each, years in advance. Where would creation be were it not for the faithfulness of a sunrise to start the day and a sunset to signal a time of rest?

The faithfulness of God’s creation is a testimony of the faithfulness of God. Genesis 1 gives a description of God bring the universe into existence. Theologians like to use the word ex nihilo to point out that He made that universe out of nothing. God’s kind of creating is much different than that of an artist who takes materials made in God’s creation in and makes them into a magnificent piece of work. While God’s work of making something out of nothing is truly remarkable and not reproducible by his creation, it is not the only work God does in creation that man can not do. I did use the present tense “does” very intentionally. God’s work in creation began thousands of years ago. However, that work continues today as seen in the rising sun each morning and the setting sun each evening. God not only made the universe out of nothing, he sustains it by his own hand. God is faithful in creation.

God’s faithfulness in sustaining the creation has been going on for so long that it is easy for his created to simply take it for granted. He is so dependable it is easy to overlook the work God performs each day to keep this world in place. Were it not for God’s faithfulness in sustaining his creation, his created would have no idea what faithfulness really is. Were it not for God’s consistency scientist would not be able to detect any changes in the atmosphere. If there were no normal, there would be no abnormal. God’s faithfulness is normal. That does not mean his actions are always precisely the same. After all, His actions flow out of a character of love. Love sometimes requires a change in actions. But in the overall scheme of things, God’s faithfulness is quite evident to those who wish to see it. When a human acts in faithfulness, it is a testimony to the image of God in their life. When they act in unfaithfulness, it is a testimony to the works of evil in this world. As a matter of application of this principle, list 2 or three areas of your life where you have been faithful for a long period of time. Spend a few moments meditating on the idea that your faithfulness is a testimony of God’s image manifest in your life.


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