God is Faithful — Grace

Day 2 God is faithful even after the fall Genesis 3

One of the key themes of Scripture helping us to understand the faithfulness of God is the theme of grace. The first demonstration of God’s grace appeared soon after the creation of man. As you consider this passage of Scripture, try to put yourself into the place of Adam. He knew God on an intimate level because they met and talked in the cool of each day. That is, he knew all there was to know based on his current circumstances. He trusted God’s faithfulness. But then along came a world changing experience. Adam disobeyed God and ate of the forbidden tree. As you have read in the story from Scripture, Adam hid from the Lord. The question of why is very valid. The answer is also clear. Adam did not know how God would react to his disobedience. The only thing he knew was God promised death. For Adam, even death was yet to be defined. His natural reaction following disobedience was nothing short of an attempt to hide. The intimacy he shared with God was destroyed.

God’ response to Adam’s unfaithfulness is at the heart of the Gospel. Through his acts of mercy and grace, God demonstrated the depth of his faithfulness. As the story goes, God went looking for Adam. It is not as if God did not know where Adam was. The story shows how God came to Adam even though Adam was hiding. His nakedness is a symbol of his exposure. He could not hide his guilt and the Bible expresses that in that he could not hide his state of exposure. Adam was fearfully wondering, “how will God respond?” Man has continually sought out ways to cover his sin since that day. The story says God talked with Adam bringing Adam to a confession of his sin. After Adam’s confession, God took the skin of an animal and made a covering for the nakedness. The theological implications of this act, and the revealing of the true nature of God’s faithfulness are priceless. God provided a covering and offered forgiveness. He continued to love Adam even after his blatant disobedience. God did not allow the capstone of his creation to be totally captured by the enemy. Instead, he offered redemption through the blood of an animal. Of course, the theological implications point toward God becoming a man and enduring a cruel Roman cross to total satisfy the wrath of God against sin. This animal was a type of Christ.

There is more to the story than just the covering from an animal. That was the first act of grace. The next act of grace came in the cursing of the ground and the pronouncement of the punishment. Because of Adam’s sin, man continually lives with difficulty. It is announced as man living by the sweat of his brow and women having pain in child birth. Time here does not permit a full treatment of these consequences; a summary will have to suffice. The world is now full of difficulties and disappointments. This too is a demonstration of God’s grace. It is in the difficulties that man is reminded of the goodness of God, the sinfulness of man, and redemption available from a faithful God. Left to his own devices, man would continue to run away from God traveling far from the covering of his faithfulness. The struggles of life are a testimony to the faithfulness of God. Regardless of how far a man may drift away from God, he will never go so far as to escape the reach of God’s faithfulness.


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