God is Faithful — Demonstrated on the Cross

Day 4 God was faithful in the cross Phil. 2:1-11

The humility of Christ through the incarnation and consequently the endurance of the cross, is one of the most striking portraits of God’s faithfulness in the entire Bible. It is the driving force of the Gospel. We should not slight the legal requirements Christ fulfilled regarding atonement. We should not take his display of power and authority lightly. But every human should be taken by his humility. It was not the created that suffered the humiliation of the cross, it was the creator. The interesting contrast here is humiliation versus humility.

Christ was not humiliated on the cross because of his own sin. In fact, you could say he was not humiliated at all. Man was humiliated. After all, the nakedness of Christ during the crucifixion account was indicative of man’s naked position before God. While the testimony of a Roman crucifixion was to be one of humiliation of the crucified, for Christ, the intended humiliation was in reality the glory of God. For the average victim of the Roman system of justice, the walk to the cross was intended to shame the criminal before his peers. Christ’s march to Golgotha was a testimony of his faithfulness. He was not one who had to endure this humiliating experience on his own account, He was one who endured the humiliation of mankind completely of his own choice to die for his enemies. Martyrs for a cause are typically held in the highest esteem by the cause they represent. Christ went beyond the honor and glory of a martyr. He was and is the ultimate sacrifice offered up for the sins of all men. Jesus came in humility but he was not humiliated. Man was humiliated in the crucifixion of Christ, but Jesus earned the name above all names. Humility gained a reward. Jesus was faithful beyond measure when He went to the cross.


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