Faithful in the Resurrection

Day 5 God is faithful in the resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

You could say God is faithful because of the foundation of his character. His faithfulness flows out of his identity. Because his love for humans is unshakable. He acts in ways that are faithful to humanity. While his suffering on the cross demonstrated the depth of his faithfulness, the resurrection is the clarion call of an ongoing testimony of his faithfulness. Nothing can stop the faithfulness of God. Not even the suffering of shame for sin or the confinement of a grave. God cannot be confined to time and space.

Paul’s admonition to the Corinthians in chapter 15 of his first epistle addressed to that church, focuses on the importance of the resurrection and appearance of Jesus to many as the foundation of hope for the church. In the visible resurrection of Christ, the early church found great motivation and comfort in the physical manifestations of the risen Lord. To see this man who had been crucified walking around in new life caused life changing experiences. How could it not cause life changing experiences? It is not every day you see a dead man walk. But when you fully grasp the resurrection of Jesus and his appearance to so many, you realize this man who was killed was raised to walk and talk again. God’s faithfulness extends beyond the grave.

The appearance of Jesus was no doubt a life changing experience. But the ongoing significance is not simply a one-time appearance but an ongoing presence. Jesus spent 40 days between the resurrection and the ascension teaching his disciples. The best news came after the ascension. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to indwell men and to strive with men. If you were to do an inventory of the faithfulness of your friends, I expect those highest on the list would be the ones who stuck by you through the valleys. In your times of need, the people who demonstrated their care for you by the ministry of presence are likely to be the ones regarded as the most faithful. So it is in our relationship with Christ. When we realize the awesome power of his continual presence, we experience the faithfulness of God. His Spirit has come to guide us into all the truth of God’s Word and in daily decisions. He has come as a comforter and a source of wisdom. God is faithful. His timing is nothing short of miraculous and his craftsmanship is unmatched in the world.

Out of God’s character of love flows his faithfulness. Because He loves us deeply, He came as the man Jesus to take our place in death for sin. The depth and width of his commitment is something to be grasped by his continual presence through the Holy Spirit. His resurrection testifies of his faithfulness. The believer is never alone and never beyond the touch of the creator God. He stands by you, above you, and beneath you. He is your strength when you feel the weakest. He is your comfort when you are destitute. He will celebrate with you on the mountain and walk with you through the valley. Our God is faithful. Because He is faithful, you can be faithful.


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