Faithful to Respect Parental Authority

Respect the authority of your Parents Hebrews 13:17

Although the context of Hebrews 13:17 is one of reference to governments and other leaders, it is not a faulty application to ascribe it to the child-parent relationship. Parents are to be leaders and they are to be in authority. Respecting authority is a key value of any modern civilization and it is an essential foundation of the Christian faith. Authority is ascribed to a parent by the one who has an ultimate authority; Jesus Christ.

The basis for the authority of a parent rests upon the foundation of the authority of God. He is the creator and therefore ultimately responsible for his creation. His authority is linked to his responsibility. He also knows more than is known by the created, consequently, his authority is deserved. When God created man and gave him the ability to reproduce, he also assigned responsibility and therefore authority over the children. There is not a more difficult position to fulfill in all the world than a position that demands a person to be responsible yet fails to give them authority to complete the task at hand.

One of the reasons that respecting the authority of parents is so critical is because it usually reflects respecting the authority of God. If God is truly delegating authority to parents over children, then to fail to respect that authority is to fail to respect the authority of God at a most basic level. The one who does not respect the authority of the parent is likely to balk at the authority of school teachers and then law enforcement officers. Such an attitude leads to the breakdown of the very social structures that God has given us to maintain order. The family structure is weakened, the legal structure is weakened, and the spiritual structure of the individual is destroyed all because of a breakdown in respect of authority granted by the Lord. Respecting the authority of parents is a big deal.

When a person has become an adult, the situation is altered. The adult is now responsible for themselves. If they are well prepared for adulthood with a healthy respect for the authority of their parents and a healthy respect for the authority of God, they should have no issues in sorting out how to stand firm in their own responsibilities while respecting the authority of their parents even when they disagree with their parents on some issues. Of course, the key here is that they are living in a right relationship with God under his authority.


This lesson demands introspection into our respect for the authority of our parents.



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